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I review books for all ages. Fiction and nonfiction. I have preferences, of course. I love children’s books, middle-grade books, some young adult, some adult. As far as genres go, I enjoy mysteries, historical fiction, science fiction and fantasy. I have very little interest in sports stories, westerns, supernatural and paranormal stories. I prefer clean fiction to ‘smut.’ I definitely prefer character-driven stories.

Publishers, authors, etc.:

If you’re interested in sending me a review copy of your book, I’m happy to hear from you. Email me at

You should know several things before you contact me:

1) I do not guarantee a review of your book. If I say, “yes,” I am just agreeing to consider it for review.
2) I give all books at least fifty pages.
3) I am not promising anyone (author or publisher) a positive review in exchange for a review copy. That’s not how I work.
4) In all of my reviews, I strive for honesty. My reviews are my opinions–so yes, they are subjective–you should know my blog will feature both negative and positive reviews.
5) I do not guarantee that I will get to your book immediately. I’ve got so many books I’m trying to read and review, I can’t promise to get to any one book in a given time frame.
6) Emailing me every other week to see if I’ve read your book won’t help me get to it any faster. Though if you want to email me to check and see if it arrived safely, then that’s fine!
7) I do not currently review e-books.
8) If you want to ‘hook’ me on your book, consider sharing the first few sentences….or at the very least a premise!
9) Hint: Emailing me on Saturday may work in your favor. Maybe.

About blog tours, I’m interested in participating in some blog tours some of the time. Life is busy. And some months I’ve just got too much going on to commit to a blog tour. That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate being invited to participate. Just don’t expect an automatic yes. It depends on the book, the author, the type of tour, and the time of the tour.

If you’re contacting me to tell me you want to steal reprint my reviews on your own site, and you want my “permission” to do so…you DON’T have it. For the record, there is a difference between an author or a publisher quoting a sentence or two from my review to promote the book, and, another blogger lifting an entire review for their blog.

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